On the face…

First He submits to a fucking on the floor then takes his jizz in the face…

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Wearing a blindfold

Forced to wear a blind fold and think he’s getting head from a girl he takes it off to see he’s being hazed by a gay boy who only wants to fuck him!

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A hazing

A hazing ritual in a dorm becomes more than just an initiation

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Pledge Dog show

Frat decided to put their pledges through a dog show routine. Stripped down and made to wear a leash and collar. Doing tricks and prancing around like real dogs, wiggling their asses and their cocks. The boys had to show how far they were willing to go to get in.

Straight guys tricked

This week’s Haze winner features a birthday surprise the *** frat gave one of their pledges Brad on his birthday. Brad was surprised while sleeping in his dorm. The brothers came in singing Happy Birthday and told him they had a killer surprise for him — but he had to be blindfolded first. Brad knew they got him a stripper but what Brad didn’t know was the gender of the stripper. The face Brad made when his hand touched Ramon’s (the stripper’s) cock was priceless! Things got shitty quick for Brad. The brothers began to haze him yelling at him calling him scum and a worthless waste of space, and that the only way he would be allowed to even begin to gain their respect was if he gave Ramon some head and maybe some cock in the butt..

Frat boys haze the pledges

Fucking around with their pledges. they dragged them out of bed bright and early to begin their final day of hazing. in which they had to leap frog naked, do the famous elephant walk in which they walked in a single file while tugging each others cocks. I mean the brothers at *** made it clear and simple “You either grab that cock or get the fuck out!” and that’s exactly what these poor pledges had to do. but what really set this one off was the pledge blow pop. if your curious as to what this might be you’ll just have to sign in and see it for yourself. .

Curious as to what this might be you’ll just have to sign in and see it for yourself. .